Thursday, July 10, 2014

Log Printing

Thursday July 10th 2014

I got some printing done earlier this week.  I had two log slices prepared for printing both a little smaller than ones I have used before.  One of the slices had developed an interesting split and the other had wonderful grain patterns where there were branches on the tree.  I printed a series of 9 of each and was very satisfied with how they turned out.  In preparation for printing the log slices are sanded, scorched with a blowtorch and then wire brushed.  This leaves the log slice with a slightly raised grain, perfect for printing.  I use water based ink and a good quality, fairly thick paper.  

Inked logs ready for printing.

When I print, I use my fingers to apply pressure, this way I can feel the log shape and any ups and downs.  As I burnish the paper, the pattern of the grain becomes visible which helps to make sure I don't miss any spots.  Sometimes I use the back of a spoon to burnish the paper too.  It is a real workout for my arm but I enjoy this connection to the piece.   

You can see these latest prints in my Etsy shop HERE.

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