Thursday, August 7, 2014

On My Worktable, Embroidered Pumpkins

It's still summer here, hot, desperately dry and dusty but school goes back in a little over a week and the stores are full of Fall colors.  I love Fall and Winter.  They are my favorite seasons.  I love the warm colors of Fall and the holidays that happen during these months.  I enjoy decorating my mantlepiece with leaves, acorns and pumpkins, then later with faux berries and always with candles (I can't burn candles in the summer because the ceiling fans make them spill wax everywhere!). I am thankful for the respite from the unforgiving glare of our California summers and the promise of frosty mornings, cool weather hikes and ski season.  But we are not there yet!  In anticipation of all this, however, I began to play with some small pieces of hand dyed wool felt in shades of orange and red that I purchased recently.  They were crying out to be made into pumpkins and I am very happy with how they are turning out.  

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