Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Scrapbooking Weekend, Scrapbook Expo Santa Clara

Each August, my daughter and I go to Scrapbook Expo in Santa Clara.  We spend Friday and Saturday scrapbooking together, shopping for the latest products, searching out bargains and snacking!  We reserve a table for both days and meet friends there.  The Expo is in two parts.  In one area are the vendors and in the other, the crop space where you can scrap from 9am till midnight.  We enjoy being able to work on our pages and then pop over to the vendor booths for specific things as needed.   We stay overnight at the hotel which is connected to the convention center even though it is only a 40minute drive from where we live. This means I only have one really late night drive home when I'm tired and all the crazies are out and about.   

This is us ready to go, what you can't see is a big bag of assorted yummy snacks hiding behind my rolling tote bag!

This is a terrible (taken on my old iPhone) photo of the crop room.  The space is huge with ferocious air conditioning.  It is fun to wander around and see what everyone is working on. 

This is the new stadium in Santa Clara taken as the sun went down.  It is the new home of the San Francisco 49'ers.  This photo was taken from the 11th floor of the hotel where we stayed, from the ground the stadium looks incredibly tall.  It reminded us (avid Harry Potter fans that we are) of the stadium in Harry Potter where the Quidditch World Cup was played!  

Here are some of the pages I got done.  You will probably recognize some of the photos from this blog!  I was able to get the albums for both my son and daughter up to date so I was pretty happy with myself!

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