Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dr. Who

March 25th

When I was a kid, I was too scared to watch Dr. Who but now that I am too old to be afraid of the Daleks, I love it.  Actually, now I think the Daleks are pretty funny. We can watch Dr. Who on Netflix whenever we want and I get teary every time we watch David Tennant regenerate!  We went to see the 50th Anniversary special in 3D at a nearby movie theatre and it was awesome!  My favorite "monsters" are the Weeping Angels. They are so very creepy and have given me a whole new view of statuary.  Whilst visiting an old Victorian house recently, my daughter and I noticed a small angel statue, probably only about three feet tall and let me just say, we kept our eyes on it the whole time we were near it!  For Halloween last year, my daughter was a Weeping Angel and she was brilliant, utterly terrifying and smaller kids weren't sure if she was real or not!  We had a life-size cardboard TARDIS and the rest of us were time travelers.  We were really surprised how many people knew who we were!  So it isn't really surprising then that a Weeping Angel should make an appearance in my Etsy shop!  I had a lot of fun doing drawings for these items and creating the final designs. The Weeping Angel pincushion has the "Don't Blink" quote embroidered around the side and the Tardis one is embroidered with David Tennant's "Allons-y!" 

This is my all-time favorite Dr. Who quote - love Matt Smith! 

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