Friday, March 28, 2014

Hydrangea Flowers

March 28th

Hydrangea flowers always make me think of France.  I have childhood memories of visiting family in Normandy and seeing the extravagant blooms massed in flower beds around the foot of traditional stone or timbered homes.  The flowers were always blue and, in the way of childhood memories, the plants were always in flower.  I think it is the exuberance of these flowers that I love, they are so "over the top" and seem to scream "look at me!".  In my bathroom I have some beautiful silk white and lime green hydrangeas in a tall glass vase.  I  can't have real flowers in my house because my cats eat them!  Since it is very definitely Spring here in California and everything is growing and blooming, I decided to design a pincushion that featured some kind of flower.   And the hydrangea blossom was shouting "Me, Me, Pick Me!!"

 Each of the little flowers is individually hand cut and then stitched on.  On the pincushion alone there are approximately fifty of those little flowers. The top of the pincushion is navy blue which makes the soft blues, pinks and purple really sing.  There is some real dimension  to the flowers because of how they overlap, so it has the feel of the actual flower.  I am very happy with how the design came out.  The wool felt I use is 100% wool felt from Holland (except for the white which is a wool blend).  It is very soft and a joy to work with.  

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