Thursday, April 24, 2014

On My Worktable

April 24th 2014

I've been working on several different things this week, not all of them for my shop!  Last summer I learned about scandinavian embroidery from this book, "Scandinavian Stitch Craft" by Karin Holmberg.  I spent a lot of time exploring the techniques on a piece of white linen.  It was extremely satisfying.  I found that I really enjoyed using the wool and silk threads which are so different to use than the cotton embroidery floss I am used to.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my sampler which measures about 15x12inches, maybe a cushion cover or table center.  

From this project I moved on to embroidering the back of a hooded sweatshirt.  This is a much more challenging fabric to embroider since to try deal with the stretchiness of the fabric I needed to use a cut away stabilizer.  This is an ongoing project!  Maybe I will get it done before next Winter!  If I try this again, I will be more choosy about the sweatshirt I use. This is one I already had.  It is quite thin fabric and as mentioned, has some stretch.  I would be better off using an all cotton sweatshirt.  

This week I picked up a piece of natural colored linen and started a new embroidery, just for fun, just for me.  

For my shop, I have been making more pincushions in existing designs so although I have got quite a lot done, it doesn't really show as they are not new products.  I am really excited to be selling at our big local quilt show in September so I am trying hard to build up my stock.

I've also been working on some little felt flower power fish cat toys.  They are fun to make and use up lots of felt scraps.  They are stuffed with polyfil and organic catnip which my own cats thoroughly approve of!  They will be in my shop soon and I plan to make these for my booth at the quilt show too.  


The final project I've had going this week is this hat I've been knitting.  I've always liked knitting but don't really have the patience for big projects.  I recently bought "Woodland Knits" by Stephanie Dosen.  I am in love with almost every project and most of them are completely doable.  I made the Dragon Watcher's Hood first which was my first project using circular needles.  It came out great and my daughter loves it.  This hat was my next make and I'm happy with that too.  I have to sew on the pom-pom and make some tassels for the braids.... almost finished!

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