Tuesday, April 29, 2014


April 29th 2014

In September I will be going to a big local quilt show as I do every year, except this year I will be a vendor.  I'm so excited to be involved with this!  I am sewing more and trying to stock up in anticipation.  Over the weekend I was working on some hanging owls.  These look cute hanging on door handles, a hook on the wall or on a Christmas tree!  I have two that hang on the closet doors in my bedroom.  Sometimes if I shut the door too quickly they turn themselves around and face the door.  It's so funny, like they have decided they're done for the day or something.  Each owl has its own personality!  Anyway these are the owls I was working on this weekend....

They are made from a combination of wool felt and wool fabric that has been hand dyed and felted (but not by me!).  The wool fabric has lovely texture, see that blue owl has boucle grey/blue wings?  It feels so soft and satisfying to the touch.  The wool is not quite as easy to sew with as the wool felt because it does fray slightly.  I do like that it gives the owls a slightly rustic air though.  I feel like they need names,  hmmm.....

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