Monday, May 5, 2014


May 5th 2014

Seven years ago I got two rescue kittens from a local shelter.   They are two girls from the same litter of kittens.  They are slightly aloof and not very sociable with anyone except me, although they are getting better about that as they get older!  Like all cats they like sunshine, windowsills, and soft spots to sleep.  

When I decided to make a pincushion with a cat on it, it seemed only right that it should be based on these two characters.  They are indoor cats because they have always been that way and have never shown any interest in the big outdoors.  If they did go out, the smaller of the two would be a good hunter and it is her I imagine sitting in the herb garden stalking butterflies like the cat on the pincushion!  I chose to embroider chives around her, because they are flowering in my garden right now and look really pretty.  

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