Tuesday, June 10, 2014

On My Worktable

Tuesday June 10th 2014

It's a beautiful morning here in California.  The sun has just burned off the marine layer and I'm sitting outside with a cup of tea.  It has been very hot for the last few days, not even cooling off at night so that at 8pm it has still been in the 80's or 90's.  As I sit here there are little house finches on my pool cover.  We have one of those blue solar covers which looks like heavy duty blue bubble wrap.  They gather on the cover and peck at something....what could it be?  We have a salt water system that results in salt crusting on the cover so are they finches with high blood pressure due to excessive salt intake?  Or are there tiny bugs I can't see that they are cleaning up?  Either way they are cute bobbing about and paddling in the little pools of water that haven't evaporated.  I think the heat of the last few days has contributed to the amount of work I've got done, it's been too hot to do anything other than stay indoors in the air-conditioning or be in the pool!  I've been sewing more owls using some of my new felt and making some small notebooks with embroidered words on tags on the covers.  Yesterday I also printed a stack of bags which I use for packaging.  The bags are printed using one of my lino blocks.  

When I make the tags for these notebooks, I handwrite the sentiment first, then punch holes using paper piercing tool before actually sewing.  I used not to punch holes but it is much easier and more accurate with the holes!  I have notebooks in two sizes.  They are lovely Moleskine notebooks with squared pages.  I have some in my shop which you can see by clicking HERE.  The ones I made this week are for my Quilt Show booth in September.  

You can see an example of how I use the bags for packaging on the "About" page of my Etsy shop HERE.  Just scroll through the photos or wait and they will change like a slideshow.  I've always loved the combination of red, white and the kraft color of the bags.  It makes me think of Scandinavian design or gingerbread cookies!

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