Saturday, June 7, 2014

Scrapbook Pages

Saturday June 7th 2014

In the end I compromised yesterday.  I vacuumed the house but ignored the bathrooms, did grocery shopping and laundry but spent a good amount of time with my new scrapbook supplies.  Everyone was out so it was productive quiet time resulting in two and a half pages. The first records one of our hikes in the mountains last weekend and the other, a day out at Point Lobos which I talked about here.  Today I will have to tackle those neglected bathrooms!  It was so lovely and cool this morning when I woke up that I went straight into the garden and spent an hour and half tidying up out there.  The pea and snow pea plants needed pulling up and as always there were weeds to deal with.  I picked a colander of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, some baby beets and some beautiful purple onions.  As I came in, the sun started to break through our early morning marine layer, soon it will be time to close up the house so it doesn't get too hot indoors.  We live about 45minutes drive from the Pacific with the Santa Cruz mountains between us and the water but in the summer, the marine layer creeps far inland and helps to moderate our temperatures.  Of course later it will be in the 90's! 

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