Friday, June 6, 2014

Shopping Treasures

Friday June 6th 2014

So yesterday ended up being a mixed day.  I scored at the quilt shop and found three beautiful bundles of felted wool pieces which will be perfect for small projects like my hanging owls. See some hanging owls here...  and in this blog post from April .  We then drove to find the other shop we had intended to visit but the traffic was so appallingly bad we had to give up!  There was not a parking space to be had.  Of course being on teen summertime meant we had arrived at lunchtime which was the absolute worst time to get there.  I have promised my disappointed daughter another trip there on the understanding that she will have to get up earlier so we arrive as the shops open at 10am!  When we got home there was a parcel on the doorstep full of lovely scrapbooking goodies so that cheered us up!  I can't wait to print some photos and use some of the new treasures.  I was really happy with those wooden dots, I've seen them on websites but they are even prettier in real life and those sparkly letter stickers are just a gorgeous shade of blue.  I may have to abandon the cleaning I have to do today and scrapbook instead!

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