Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Tuesday 15th July 2014

I love hedgehogs.  When we lived in England we would see these little nocturnal creatures in our garden, helping to reduce the slug population.  They are undeniably cute!  I recently found this short little hedgehog video about hedgehogs on a BBC website, lots of great photos and information too.  Over the last week I have been working on a batch of hedgehog pincushions.  It's been a busy few days with two family birthdays involving days out and baking sessions, so I have had had to work on them when I could find free time.  On Sunday we went to the beach and I sewed there.  I like sewing at the beach, the light is perfect, bright and clear, and there is the soothing background sound of the restless Pacific Ocean.   I finished the pincushion sidebands there then got them stuffed and sewn up yesterday.

I use the little tray and dishes I got at the Japanese shop all the time.  Sometimes I wish the tray was plain so that I wouldn't lose needles(!) but it is such a happy little tray, I really love it.  

You can see my hedgehog pincushion here and the matching needle book, here.  I am stocking up on these for the Quilt Show in September!  

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