Monday, July 21, 2014

Let Them Eat Cake

A couple of weeks ago my daughter had her 15th birthday.  On Saturday she had her best friends over for a sleepover for which we had to make another cake, I know shame about that right?!  The preferred cake for birthdays in our house is chocolate but this wasn't the actual birthday cake so we decided to go for something new.  This cake was fun to make together and all the more special because usually I won't have food coloring in the house (I just don't like to think about all those chemicals in our bodies!).  We made a three layer vanilla cake and separated the mixture into seven cereal bowls which we then colored using gel food colors.  Wow those colors were vivid!  The mixture got put into disposable piping bags and we piped colored rings in the pans.  Each pan had a different combination of colored rings.  My daughter did most of the work, it was sticky, colorful fun.  Then we simply baked, oohed and ahhed, frosted and sprinkled.  Done.  Perfect giggly girl food.

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