Wednesday, July 16, 2014

On My Worktable

Wednesday 16th July 2014

It has been a really busy few days.  Last week we had two family birthdays, mine and my daughter's.  So there were two days out and two baking sessions!  It was a lovely week but it was hard to find working time.  We are several weeks into the summer vacation (the stores are sadly full of Back to School Stuff already!) and I'm still struggling with the different routines!  With a teen and a college student in the house and sleeping in late, I'm finding the early mornings are the best times to get things done.  I finished the TARDIS pincushions I was working on just in time as a couple of orders for them came in!  I've started making some of the designs four at a time so I still have a couple more!  I enjoy making this design, especially embroidering the colored lines.  

I also got lots of printing done.  I am very happy with how the prints came out and posted about them here.  I printed a small log slice and used it as a cool letterhead for a page with a couple of paragraphs on my process to include with the prints when I mail them out.  Then there was the batch of hedgehog pincushions I posted about yesterday.  

I've also been working on a custom design.  One of my lovely Etsy customers, and fellow Whovian, asked me if I could make a pincushion featuring an Ood.  Just in case you are not a Dr. Who fan and unsure what an earth an Ood could be, here is a picture and there are lots more here.

Now I know that the Ood are not very attractive(!!) but they are a peaceful race and they sing the most beautiful, haunting songs.  In preparation for this project I watched the Dr. Who episode, "Planet of the Ood" and I had also recently watched the David Tennant regeneration episodes  so I felt well prepared!  The customer chose the quote to be embroidered around the sideband, "We will sing to you, Doctor" from "The End of Time" part 2 which is the episode when David Tennant regenerates and where he has the classic line, "I don't want to go..."  This episode always makes me cry!   All my designs start with lots of drawings.  Then I make paper templates followed by the actual design.  I am still working on this pincushion but am making good progress.  This is my first custom design and the customer has been a pleasure to work with.  

When I have finished this I plan to start thinking about some Fall themed items and before you know it, it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas!  

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