Thursday, July 24, 2014

Whale Watching, An Awesome Day Out

Earlier this week, we went on a four hour whale watching cruise out of Moss Landing in the Monterey Bay.  We've done these trips before but usually out of Monterey itself.  This time, since we'd recently seen whales close to Moss Landing, we decided to try a different company.  We went with Sanctuary Cruises.  They have a great website, with tons of information and stunning photos from their trips.  The Captain is a photographer and seemed to be having just as much fun as we were!  The boat was smaller than we've been on before and the Captain kept reminding us that the whales were larger than the boat we were on!  It was an unusual summer day, no marine layer and a calm ocean in fantastic shades of silver, blue and deep green.  Best of all, there were humpback whales in every direction.  We have never seen as many whales as this on one of these trips.  The whales were close enough for us to feel the spray from their blows and smell their whale breath!  

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