Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Yesterday I finished up two mermaid pincushions that I had been working on over the weekend while we were away.  As usual I began with drawings and then made a paper template.  I picked this aqua felt for the background because that is the color of the Pacific Ocean on a sunny day.  Last time we were at the beach it looked like this and we saw dolphins playing in the breaking waves.  As the waves rose up we could see the dolphins inside the wave, it was awesome.  No mermaids though!  Around the sideband I have embroidered ocean waves in shades of blue/green with some white on the tips of the waves.  For her tail, I embroidered rows of tiny chain stitches using a variegated thread.  She also has a pearl necklace and little pet fish.

I have listed this mermaid pincushion in my Etsy shop.

The inspiration for this pincushion came from a picture my daughter gave me for my birthday.  She has so much talent and has spent countless hours drawing and exploring the possibilities of her lovely Copic markers.   Copic markers are different from regular markers because they contain vibrant alcohol inks.  This makes them beautifully blendable and favored by illustrators and manga artists.  

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