Saturday, August 30, 2014

On My Worktable This Week

This week has been another busy week at home with all the usual chores plus a few extra events(not chores!) like a riding lesson for my daughter after school and Back To School Night.  It is a holiday weekend this weekend and I am in the mountains with my daughter and two of her girlfriends and there is much happy giggling, a wonderful sound.  Today we spent time at the lake, playing in the water and sunning ourselves on the warm rocks while enjoying the antics of two ospreys and the occasional appearance of a bald eagle.  Tomorrow we plan to take the kayaks out.

I worked on a few things for my shop this week and also for the Quilt Show which is coming up quickly (it's the last week in September).   The tags are stamped and embossed with white embossing powder and then shaded with distress inks and a foam applicator.  The tags were a yellowish cream color to begin with and this has affected the color of the inks, making the blues more greenish than I like.  I will probably re-do them with some white card.  They came with basic string ties but I was planning to replace those with narrow ribbon.

I started off working on some cherry blossom pincushions but got a bit distracted by the idea of doing one tree that shows all the seasons with the quote from the old testament book of Ecclesiastes  "For everything there is a season".  The cherry blossom pincushions which you can find in my shop here get a lot of views and "favorites" so I am trying to stock up on a few for the quilt show.  I haven't decided whether to list this new version in my shop or wait till after the shop. 

I'm off to sip a cup of tea on the deck and watch the squirrels!  

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