Monday, October 6, 2014

Log Cabin Pincushions And Triple Digit Temperatures

For the last few days I've been working on some log cabin pincushions.  Ironically, it's been really hot while I've been working on them, in the high 90's and low 100's!  This pincushion design is inspired by our property in the Sierra Nevada.  We have a log cabin there that we enjoy year round.  The skiing is wonderful and I've posted pictures on this blog of some of our kayaking adventures.  It's a blue-bird day on this pincushion with a pristine layer of fresh snow, it's cold and the wood stove is burning keeping the cabin cosy, it's a perfect sewing day!  I have re-listed this pincushion in my shop, it is one of the designs I sold out of at the quilt show.  You can see it here.  

I don't want to come across as whining but I'm tired of this hot, dusty weather and ready for it to be Fall.  The leaves are beginning to turn yellow and red and some are falling.  There are pumpkins everywhere, including on my mantel and front door step but I want it to be cold.  I'm craving spiced apple cider and mulled wine, pumpkin muffins and yummy soups.  I can't wait to pull out my favorite sweaters and the couple of new ones I just bought.  I love wearing jeans and boots and wearing my favorite knitted and embroidered hat.  And yet here we are and the next few days are forecast to be just as hot, sigh! 

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