Thursday, October 2, 2014

On My Worktable, Bluebird Pincushions, Hydrangea Pincushions and Needlebooks

The school my daughter goes to is a three or four mile drive across town from where we live.  I enjoy the drive and like to watch how the hills to the east and west of us are different everyday.  This morning the light was the golden light we only really get in the Fall, the kind that gives everything soft edges and a warm tone.  The sun was low in the sky, just up over the eastern hills, causing long shadows.  The hills and fields looked as though someone had taken a big, soft watercolor brush and swept swathes of warm browns and golds, dark greens and green blacks across the landscape.  Beautiful.  Just thought I'd share!

This week I have been so happy to be sewing with felt again after the last few weeks of sewing with funky costume fabrics (faux leather Loki costume and slippery QE1 dress!).  While at the quilt show last weekend, I began to work on two bluebird pincushions so that people stopping at my stall could see my process.  I got those finished up this week and also three hydrangea pincushions and needle books.  One of my very first blog posts was about this design!   You can read it here.  I still love this design.  I love how it has so much texture and I think the color combination is pretty.  

I use the little flowery tray all the time for my sewing projects.  It's the one I got at the Japanese store in San Jose.  Each hydrangea pincushion has approximately 50 handcut flowers on it!  Cutting little flowers is a good use of scraps of felt. 

I usually use an existing item to make sure I get the design fairly consistent but I'd sold all my hydrangea pincushions and needle books at the weekend so had to use the images from my computer.  You can see the newly listed pincushions here.

I also listed more hanging owls and the few embroidered hanging pumpkins I had left after the weekend.  


  1. Hello Angele, Congrats on your big success at the Quilt Show. And of course a big hug to your wonderful daughter. In this crazy world is such a blessing to have them. My daughter (she is 20) is my little ray of sunshine and my biggest supporter in all the little endeavours I start. I love all you make, you can see it comes from the heart. All the best.

    1. Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment! You're so right, our daughters (and sons - I have a 20year old!) are such wonderful blessings!


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