Friday, October 3, 2014

Winner! Thank You Aimee Ray!

I love reading blogs and I am learning to leave meaningful comments on blogs I enjoy.  By doing that I won a random draw for a bunch of scrapbooking goodies in the summer (just in time for the August Scrapbook Expo in Santa Clara) and then last week I had an email from author and blogger Aimee Ray to say that I had won her latest book!  I have been reading Aimee's Blog for a couple of years now and I have her three books.  Her first book, "Doodle Stitching" is especially well thumbed and tea cup ring stained!

Her embroidery patterns are enchanting and although I tend not to use patterns exactly as is, I have used her books a lot for inspiration.  Her newest book is full of lovely Christmas patterns and inspiration. You can find it here.  I sat down with a cup of tea on Saturday evening after a long day at the quilt show, and lost myself in the pages.  Here are my favorite pages.....

I'm totally in love with these little penguins!

And hedgehogs, I have a bit of thing for them too.

I can see a grouping of these little houses on my mantel at Christmas, maybe in some lighter colors.

I think that the patterns are easy to use and there is a good stitch guide at the beginning if you need a refresher.  Thank you again Aimee!

Here are some of my projects inspired by Aimee's patterns.  They are two pillow cases I embroidered in 2012, for my little nieces and a quilt.  

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