Thursday, October 16, 2014

Work In Progress

I am finally feeling human again with the energy to think about sewing!  There is not much left of my jar of honey/ginger/lemon homemade cold remedy mixture and I will definitely make it again.  Over the last few days I have been working on a few different things.  Firstly I made a bunch of the little mini stockings that I first made to take to the quilt show.  I sold most of them there, so I've made more to put in my shop.  I just need to add the ribbon for hanging and then get them photographed and listed.  They are very cute and just the right size for a candy cane.  

Yesterday I finished up six tree stump needle books.  I completely sold out of these at the quilt show so these are now back in my shop.   

This morning I have been working on a Christmas tree ornament which is embroidered in the same style as my embroidered pumpkins.  Just as with the pumpkins, I used a hand dyed felted wool fabric because it has a nice texture and this one has a faint houndstooth pattern.  It is definitely not as easy to work with, fraying a little bit and with less body than the regular felt I use.  I like how the end result looks though.  I plan to make some of these with a few different green felt fabrics and different flowers.  

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