Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hedgehogs Again

Back in July I wrote this post about making a batch of hedgehog pincushions.  This design was my first design and has been a best seller.  I felt it was time for an update of the original design so I have added a new color way in addition to the blue and coral and I have changed the way I do the side band.  In that July post, you can see how the side band is embroidered but this time I have appliquéd some felt flowers and leaves.  It doesn't take any less time, it is just a little different.  So this is where I was on Monday, lots of felt parts!

And this is where I am at tonight, four finished pincushions and one needle book.  You can see these in my shop.  I'm excited that my shop is getting busy in the run up to the Holiday Season!  I'm two sales away from 100 sales!  That is a quite a milestone!

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