Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Roundup

I hope your weekend was relaxing.  It rained here most of Saturday and we are very thankful for it.  It did rain all Halloween evening as well and I have a large amount of candy left which I am going to have to deal with/throw out!  We got a few hardy Trick or Treaters in soggy costumes, their parents huddling under umbrellas.  Yesterday, however, the sun came back out and it was a gorgeous Fall day.  The light was golden all day making the brown hills glow like crushed velvet.  We went to a local reservoir to see how low the water was and what birds we could see.  My daughter is doing a science project on the effect of prolonged drought in California on the migratory patterns of water birds.  She is discovering all sorts of interesting things.  

 On the mudflats and water, we saw a white pelican, several blue herons, various egrets, cormorants, bufflehead, mallard, shoveler, gadwall, scaup of some kind, coot, black necked stilt, yellowlegs, wilson's snipe, and lots of sandpiper type birds.  There were also hawks and lots of woodpeckers in the trees around the lake. 

I spent some time sewing a set of six seasonal napkins on Saturday.  I got the fabric at a large discount because there is a recurring flaw in the registration of the print.  It isn't enough to be a problem for something utilitarian like napkins though so I was happy!

I also spent some time on Sunday drawing some new pincushion designs and I am going to start working on one when I'm done here.  I'll share more next time.  First I have to vacuum and tidy up the house a bit after the weekend, sigh!

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