Friday, December 12, 2014

A Shopping Day

My daughter had no school today so we went to San Jose to wander round the shops and admire the window displays.  we had a lovely time and found some treasures.  There were lots of sales and it wasn't very busy.  This was our favorite window.  It was in Anthropologie.  Their windows are always gorgeous.  You can see the palm trees and hotel from across the street reflected in the window too!

We spent a long time in Anthropologie, there was a lot on sale and tons of stuff to look at.  My daughter found a beautiful sweater and I found some plates and a needlefelted owl. 

So much eye candy!  All those lovely knobs and handles.

And china, sigh!

These came home with me!

This needlefelted deer and the stripy mugs are from Crate And Barrel which is always a beautiful store to look around.

We also found this laser cut wood village scene in Crate And Barrel.  It is very intricate and I have put it on my mantel which wraps around a corner.

After all this shopping, we retired, hungry and damp from the drizzle, to The Cheesecake Factory.   We shared an appetizer and had some cheesecake which, as always, was totally delicious!

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