Monday, December 8, 2014

December Madness

December is always busy.  This year with my shop, it's been extra busy.  I haven't been doing much sewing since Thanksgiving.  I picked a basket up awkwardly and felt something "pop" in my thumb.  Since then, I've been wearing a brace and trying to rest it.  It's so much better that every now and then I forget and do something that makes it hurt again!

On Friday evening we went to get our Christmas trees.  We always go to a local tree farm not far from our house and pick out three trees, a little one for each of the kids to have in their rooms and one for our living room.  As we arrived the heavens opened and it rained with spectacular ferocity.  We got soaked but at least the trees were fresh!  We picked our trees and I ended up with a smaller one than usual because we were in such a hurry to get back in the car!  On the way home there was lightning and thunder.

On Saturday, my gorgeous girl got her hair cut.  It was long and she'd had enough.  Armed with pictures on Pinterest she talked with our stylist who is the only person who has ever cut her hair.  We've been seeing the same person since my daughter was about 2 years old!  She was able to donate her hair which made her happy.  After the haircut, the lady who does makeup at the salon, did her face for her.  She looked lovely.  I love the haircut.  I really won't miss the clogged shower drain and hair on the bathroom floor!

While we were at the salon, the boys were putting up Christmas lights.  The rain held off and they got them all up.  We have pretty much switched over to LED lights now.  I know they are so much more efficient but they just don't have the same brightness or warmth.  It does look jolly though, those snowflakes in the tree twinkle in random patterns.  

On Sunday, I made gluten free blueberry muffins with cinnamon streusel topping.  They were very good, light and full of blueberry goodness.  

My daughter and I spent most of Sunday working on craft projects and I packaged up some orders.  We listened to Christmas music and worked on a bunch of projects.  

It was foggy as we drove to school this morning and the sun was half hidden behind a cloud.  It was slightly creepy, almost like an eclipse.  We joked that we were about to be plunged into darkness but nobody else seemed to be noticing the weirdness.  

And then, an hour later it was back to normal!

I think my cat has the right idea.  I hope your December has some quiet moments, amidst the madness.  

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