Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Things I'm Thankful For On This Rainy Wednesday!

It's been raining since the weekend.  It's not really cold so sometimes I can have the back door open and listen to the patter of rain hitting the ground.  We've had almost 5 inches of rain so far with this storm system.  There is a lot of water and mud on the roads making me thankful for my four wheel drive.  It's good weather for sewing and reading blogs!  I am hoping it will dry up a bit for the weekend when we plan to go and choose our Christmas tree and also put up the outside Christmas lights.

Today as I sit here snug and warm, these are things I'm thankful for.....

My cats love to lie and bake in front of the fire!   Sometimes they feel almost too hot to touch but they love it.  

A comforting bowl of hot oatmeal with dried cranberries, pumpkin spice and chopped walnuts,  yum.

The citrus in my garden is ripe.  These are Meyer lemons.  I will be making lemon and ginger marmalade soon, and gluten free lemon drizzle cake.

I don't like getting soggy when I go out to run errands and I don't like driving in it much but I am so thankful for the nearly 5 inches of rain we've had since the weekend.  

My car drives really well on snow and ice, of course we drive mindful of the conditions but it feels solid.  The police and highway patrol in the mountains where we have our cabin all drive cars like mine.   I'm thankful for the 4wheel drive when the roads are muddy and wet as they are just now.  

I'm thankful too, for how busy my Etsy shop has been this Holiday season.  I have sent packages all over the U.S, to Europe and Australia!  Today I am going to brave the weather and go and do some Christmas shopping for my family.  

Stay warm!

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