Friday, January 9, 2015

On My January Worktable

Happy New Year!  I have hit the ground running in 2015.  I have a quilt show coming up at the end of February and am preparing for that.  I have been making pincushions and working on designs for some other items too.  I have ordered some lovely organic dried lavender to make some embroidered lavender hearts in pretty Spring colors.  I am also working on a custom pincushion for a customer in Australia which is a fun project.  Here are the pincushions I've been working on.


This is the color scheme for the custom pincushion.  It's pretty but as I've been emailing with my customer, I've been shocked at how different our computer monitors show the colors!

These beautiful Spring colors will make really pretty embroidered hearts.  I plan to stuff them with the usual polyfil and some organic dried lavender.  The embroidered pumpkins and Christmas trees were very popular at the last quilt show I did and also in my shop so I'm hoping the hearts will be too.

And finally, we sent off our citizenship application forms!  This is very exciting for us and hopefully the process will go smoothly.

The sun is rising at about the same time as I am at the moment!  I've noticed the evenings are a bit lighter again which I love.  

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