Friday, January 23, 2015

On My Worktable This Week

It's been a busy week.  I have a quilt show coming up later in February and I am working hard to build up stock for that.  I feel a bit sad that I am neglecting my Etsy shop but I have to have enough items for the show.  When that is over, I can focus on my shop again.  

So this week I've been working on the embroidered lavender hearts.  All the threads you see hanging are left so I can use them to sew the opening closed once I've stuffed them.  They look so pretty all stacked together.  The colors are soft, Spring-like and luscious!  I have six more to stitch to their backings and then I can stuff them.

Also this week, I finished two unicorn pincushions and two cat ones.  

I sold my last tree stump pincushion this morning, to a customer in Japan, so I have cut out some felt to make some more.  These are very cute and sold well at the quilt show I did in September so I plan to make several more.  

We've been having some very Spring like weather here in California which is nice but we so badly need more rain.  It has been frosty in the mornings but almost 70f by the afternoon.  It is hard to know what to wear!  

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