Monday, February 16, 2015

Holiday Weekend

It was a holiday weekend here and we spent it in the mountains.  Yesterday we skied, today we hiked.  The snow was packed and icy when we got there yesterday, so we skied for a couple of hours and then left as the lift lines lengthened.  Today we hiked at Big Trees State Park and it was a sunny warm day.   The warmth of the sun brought out the scent of the trees.   Bees hummed happily and busily in the blossoming manzanita bushes, their white flowers contrasting with the smooth red/brown bark of the branches.  We hiked to the top of the hill, to the viewpoint and were shocked at how little snow there was on the mountain tops.  

I'm not embarrassed to admit that we hug our trees.  These trees are hundreds of years old, some of them over a thousand years old.  

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