Sunday, February 22, 2015

PVQA Quilt Show 2015, Picture Post

I'm too tired, after two days on my feet at the Quilt Show, to write much so I am just going to post a bunch of pictures!  I tried to take more pictures of  the quilts but the lighting was not good for photographs and most of the ones I took didn't come out.  I met lots of lovely people, both visitors and vendors.  In terms of sales, it was a very successful weekend for me and now I have a lot of sewing to do to build up my stock again!

Here are the cheerful owls I made in Spring colors.  You can read more about them here.  The book corners were very popular, I have about three left!

The lavender hearts smelled wonderful.  At first I had lots of people asking if they could touch so I ended up writing the "Please DO smell the lavender hearts" sign!  More about lavender hearts here.

You can see close ups of the notebooks in this post.

Below is my favorite display in the quilts area.  It is a dolls house type model of a quilt show and those little quilts are all real fabric quilts.  They were pieced and quilted and are about 5x7inches or smaller!  So much work and so cute!

If money was no object, one of these babies would have come home with me!  Beautiful vintage Singer sewing machines, all perfectly restored - they were just gorgeous!

Sadly, these are my only quilt pictures that came out.  There was one fabulous hand pieced and hand quilted little quilt but it was in a really dark corner.  I always love to see hand quilted items because I really appreciate the work that goes into them.

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