Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Farmers Market Purchase

Each Saturday there is a Farmers Market in our town and whenever we can, we try and go. We stock up on fresh local produce, honey, goat cheese and fresh fish.  Today I got thick stalks of asparagus, fragrant strawberries and the sweetest carrots you will ever taste. I also bought a handmade hemp bag with hand stenciled white stripes!  There is something about this color combination that I find very appealing.  It is earthy and simple looking but refined and beautifully finished.  It is an honest bag, made with care and sustainable materials.

Most of the towns around here no longer allow stores to give you plastic bags to put your purchases in.  You can purchase a paper bag for anywhere between 10 - 25cents.  This really annoys me.  The money goes to our city, it is like another tax and no-one seems to know what the money gets used for.  I understand and support the no plastic bag idea but not the extra income for the city.  Anyway, as a result of this sometimes irritating but well meaning ban, I'm always on the lookout for nice bags!  This one is soft and beautifully made with a nice interior pocket.  It feels sturdy too.  I'm looking forward to putting it to use.

I had a good chat with the guy working the market stall.  He is one of the designers/makers and lives and works in Carmel which is just south of Monterey.  He had a noticeable British accent despite living on the East Coast for many years and here for the last three so we had something in common!   Visit his website to see and learn more.  

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