Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Walk On The Beach

Today my daughter and I drove to Marina State Beach, which is just a little north of Monterey, for a walk on the sand and to look for beach treasure.  There wasn't even a whisper of marine layer, the sun was shining and there was just a light breeze.

At first we though the ocean was calm, because the color was an even deep green and it looked flat, but then as we watched, an even deeper green line appeared a little way out.  It lengthened, rose up and broke in a translucent arch of minty green and white froth, the curl of the wave chasing some imaginary sea creature up the bay.  Sometimes when the waves do this you can see dolphins or seals in the wave because the water is so clear.  We walked nearly 5 miles in total but didn't realize we gone that far!  Watching the waves was hypnotic and when we weren't doing that we were searching for shells and sea glass.

This was the best kind of beach walk, we didn't have to share the sand with anyone.  We walked a long way and barely saw anyone (they were all congregated near the carpark!).  We found lots of sand dollars, some with these wonderful pink barnacles attached but only a couple of pieces of sea glass.  We got pretty wet when a wave surprised us!  

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