Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another Busy Week

Last week my sister came to visit.  I haven't seen her for two years and she lives in England which is why her visit was so extra special.  She had a terrible journey here, getting delayed in New York and then diverted to Denver to refuel because of those weather related delays.  When she finally did arrive in San Francisco, several hours late, her bag had been stranded in New York and took another day to make the trip!  We had a wonderful few days together though.  We shopped, hiked in the hills and on the wild coastline south of Monterey.  We ate, drank wine and laughed.  

We saw baby harbor seals in China Cove.  The moms and more pups were pulled out on the white sand.

When we go to the beach this is what I see.....  Below is what my daughter sees!

On the rocks are a heron and an small egret with bright yellow feet, that look like it stepped in paint.

Goodbyes are always hard but hopefully it won't be so long between visits this time.  I've been working on some new sewing projects to keep my mind and hands busy.  More about those soon.  

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