Monday, March 16, 2015

Baby Quilt Progress

As I've been piecing and basting this baby quilt, it struck me that it has been a really long time since I've made a quilt!  I've deliberately kept this quilt simple, just squares and a border, because I want it to be used and loved every day then thrown in the washer and dryer and used and loved some more.  Plus, I'm out of practice!  Today I basted the quilt.  This task is my least favorite part of the process of quilt making!  As you can see, I pin baste.  

This shark is not only friendly, as noted in a previous post, but is clearly relishing his temporary nose/lip piercing!  

I LOVE my walking foot.   It was an expensive splurge but I use it nearly all the time.  I like to piece with it as well as quilt with it and also use it for regular sewing projects too.  

In keeping with my keep it simple plan and also bearing in mind the current popularity of geometrics, I made the decision to quilt with straight lines.  I have quilted every other column with lines of stitching that are fairly close together.  The lines are not quite as perfectly spaced as I might of liked!  I also did the same to the border.  This kind of dense quilting creates a really nice drape.

Now I'm ready to add the binding.  My current plan is to go with an orange binding for a pop of extra color.

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