Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Beautiful Blues

Several years ago I bought and read the book "Color" by Victoria Finlay.  She also has a similar book about the history of jewels which is equally fascinating.  In "Color" Finlay describes the history of different colors as she travels around the world exploring the sometimes dangerous places that various pigments originated (the chapter about blue takes her to Afghanistan).  You can easily read a chapter over breakfast and the book is full of interesting stories and nuggets of information.  

Five minutes before I had to go out yesterday, I found myself walking round the house noticing the shades of blue.  With my phone, I quickly snapped a bunch of pictures -  I love my iPhone camera!  Clearly there is quite a bit of this blue/green in my house, in photo albums, my china cabinet and wardrobe, in my fabric stash and family room and even in the pile of books on my coffee table.

When I need color inspiration, I often turn to Design Seeds.  I am subscribed to their emails and so everyday, I get a shot of color in my in-box!  They take a beautiful photograph and identify the main colors in it.  This leads to some beautiful color combinations.  Here are a few green/blue Design Seeds color boards I found on Pinterest.  I hope you have a colorful day!

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