Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hoop Embroidery

I am working on a whole bunch of designs for hooped embroidery.  I'm not sure if these will make their way into my Etsy shop or whether I will keep them for the show I will be doing in September.  I enjoy doing these and I have especially enjoyed working with this particular color combination.  

My inspiration for this mix of colors came from these hand painted globes I saw and pinned on Pinterest.  The first globe is available from this Etsy shop.  It is so pretty!  The second globe is from Anthropologie although I don't think they have this color one anymore.  

The quote I have embroidered is one I have on a vintage style tin sign in my family room.  It never fails to make me smile!  I've used an oatmeal colored linen to stitch on and for the flowers, pieces of the organic 100% wool felt I use for my pincushions and needle books   

To finish the back of the hoop, I trim away the linen, leaving about ¾ inch which I then glue to the hoop with hot glue.  After that I sew a circle of white felt or cotton quilt batting onto the back.  This hides all the threads and makes everything look neat and tidy.  The hoop can be hung simply from a nail in the wall or you can put a ribbon through the metal tightening clasp  and hang it from that.   Not all hoops are created equal and the ones I are use are nice and thick and sturdy with strong tightening clasps.  

The photo below shows the back of the piece when it is all finished.  

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