Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Antique Clock Pincushion

I finished two antique clock face pincushions today and have listed one in my shop.  You can see it here.  I am really loving this color combination and I especially like how the roman numerals turned out.


Here is the sketch I started with and some progress pictures.  This pincushion is inspired by the grandfather clock which stands in our entry hall.  It dates from the 1700's and has traveled round the world with us.  It is a beautiful clock and we love it and use it.  Not daily because we don't remember to wind it but often on the weekends we'll start it. 


Around the side band I have hand embroidered a quote from a poem by the ancient Roman poet, Virgil.  "All our sweetest hours fly fastest"  


So that is four hedgehog pincushion and two clock face pincushions all finished up and it's only Tuesday!  

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