Thursday, April 9, 2015

Our Grandfather Clock

This antique clock face pincushion has been getting a lot of views in my shop.  I realized after reading my last post that I hadn't posted a proper picture of the whole clock.  It's tricky to photograph because it's in my entryway, which is fairly dark and the walls are a golden yellow which always makes the photos come out a bit strange!  I've done my best to take a decent photo this morning so I could share it.

The clock has been in my husband's family a long time.  Several years ago my mother in law was showing me a family photo album and we came across a photo of the lady who originally owned the clock.  The photo shows my mother in law's great grandmother and her daughter Emma and it was Emma who owned the clock.  I have been trusted with this wonderful photo album which is precious and fragile.  The binding is broken, and the pages damaged.  I have scanned the photos and keep the album in a dry, warm spot (not too hard, this is California!).  It looks like a prop from a Harry Potter movie don't you think?!

The younger lady is Emma, original owner of our grandfather clock.  You will see from the next photos that the clock is shorter than it should be.  This is because at some time in the past, it suffered some water damage and the bottom was cut off!

In case you are wondering, the painting is by Simon Carter, my brother in law.  He has a website and blog which you can find here.

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