Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Magical Woodland Pincushion

This week has been a week of cleaning and decluttering the house.  As a result, I haven't done a whole lot of sewing. Today I did get some time to work on a new pincushion though.

These are the sketches for it from my sketchbook.  It is a magical woodland scene with a little fairy house in the base of tree.  There are lots of little details which will make it fun to sew and embroider.  I was inspired by all the photos of fairy doors and hobbit house cakes I found on Pinterest!

If you look back to the second sketch you will see that I plan to stitch a leafy branch over the top part of the tree trunk.  You might also notice that I had planned to have a little window next to the door but when I was sewing everything, I decided there wasn't really room for one.  The sideband will be a silvery grey and the underside, navy blue.  I think I will add some more red and white toadstools to the sideband.  Hopefully I will get to work on this some more tomorrow but I think it's looking pretty cute so far.  I really like the herringbone felted wool that I am using for the tree trunk, it adds so much texture.  

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