Tuesday, May 5, 2015

On My Worktable

Today began with some delicious gluten free blueberry pancakes with extra blueberries and some maple syrup.  These are light and fluffy and my go-to pancake recipe (thank you Pinterest!).  And of course they taste even better off one of my pretty plates from Anthropologie!  

Today I have been working on some more antique clock face pincushions which I wrote about here.  I have sold out of these in my shop and had a customer convo me to see if I could make more.  

I've also been sewing more hexies for needle books.  I have to admit I find making these soothing and a bit addictive!  They are pretty small, less than an inch across so a bit fiddly but not too time consuming.

I think there is something very comforting about cats on windowsills.  Mine like to follow the sun around the house, starting off in the morning at the back of the house and ending the evening soaking up the last rays on the windowsill in the living room.  I love it when I walk up the path to the front door and they are both mashed up against the glass of the living room window, completely oblivious to everything except the warmth of the sun.  

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