Friday, May 1, 2015

Random Friday Musings

I just had coffee, or in my case, tea with two friends I have known for years.  We try and meet up regularly but it can be hard to juggle work, parenthood and coffee get togethers!     We talk about everything and today as always was a mix of happy, sad, laughter and unquestioning support ... because that's who we are.  

Here are some pictures from the last couple of days.  They are random, but they are snippets of my week I might share with a friend.

The moon has been pretty this week and I've been playing with my camera again, still trying to get to grips with some of the manual settings!  I took this from just outside my back door.

This is me playing with a new selfie app on my phone!  The app is called B612 and has loads of fun filters.  I also photographed my cats with it (see below).  Because it doesn't take the photo immediately that you click, I was able to position the phone and then quickly move my head out of the photo!


Actually it got even warmer than this later in the day.  If felt like summer yesterday and it wasn't fun.

I received the felt I'd ordered and was excited to see all those beautiful colors. This is hand dyed felted wool from fellow Etsy shop Quilting Acres.

I finished up the three cherry blossom pincushions that I've been working on and mailed off an order for another of the antique clock face pincushions.  That was the last one so I will have to make some more of those soon, and some of the Union Jack ones since I sold the last one of those too!  Happy Sewing!  Have a great weekend.

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