Monday, May 4, 2015

Working In The Garden

Here in California we are living with a serious drought.  Since there is little we can do inside to minimize our usage (we've already done what we can) we have been turning our attention to the outside.  Usually I grow vegetables throughout the year but this year it seems irresponsible.  So we have leveled our beds and covered most with gravel.  We didn't have any grass in the back anyway and already had a gravel area with a fire pit.  Now it's just bigger.  I'm finding that I love it and I've been enjoying decorating the space... with plants, furniture, rocks and accessories.  The new plants will get a little water, we are allowed to water on Tuesdays and Fridays but I was very careful to only pick really tough plants that could tolerate heat and not much water. 

Today I went to an import store and got a little turquoise metal table to put near a pair of loungers and two pretty Moroccan style lanterns which I've hung in the cherry tree.  As it began to get dark, I put the little tea lights inside and lit them.  The glowing lanterns are making me smile.  They look so cheerful hanging there. I hope the glass doesn't fade in our strong sunlight.  

A little while after taking the lantern photos the moon rose, full, golden and enormous.  A show off moon begging to be noticed!  This photo, like the one taken a few days ago, was taken from my back doorstep.  

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