Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Daisy And Buttercup Chains

The elementary school I attended in England had a huge playing field around around it.  Part of it was marked out with lines for running and there may have been lines for a soccer field, I don't remember because girls didn't play soccer then so it wasn't important to me.  I do remember sitting out on the lush green grass at recess, making endless daisy chains with my friends. This memory is the inspiration for my newest pincushion!  

As you can see, I have embroidered the daisies and appliquéd the buttercups.  There are tiny sprigs of Queen Anne's Lace (cow parsley in England but Queen Anne's Lace sounds prettier!) tucked in there too.  Our daisy chains were never so fancy!

Once again, I turned to Pinterest for daisy and buttercup images.  There are no daisies on lawns here.  The lawns are too manicured for daisies and right now, most lawns are brown, suffering in our California drought and triple digit temperatures.  "Brown Is The New Green"  say the signs the City has been giving out to people to put in their yards to encourage others to save water.  

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