Friday, July 24, 2015

An Unexpected Fiber Arts Wall Hanging

This week, I went with my sister and nieces to a community coffee morning event at the village hall.  It happens every week and is a fund raiser.  As we sat with our tea and scones at a round table covered in a pretty cloth, my eye was drawn to this fiber arts wall hanging.  I admit, I was surprised to find something so interesting casually displayed in this tiny rural village hall.  

I should think the piece is about 3 feet by 5 feet and it must contain just about every form of fiber art you can think of.  It is playful and vibrant and I spent ages being entertained by the creativity of each individual square.  I can imagine the love, care and smiles that went into each one!  I love the knitted title.  

The morning took another unexpected turn when someone set up a table selling homemade bread.  We bought this gorgeous loaf of pesto and stinging nettle bread.  We ate it for dinner with baked camembert and a glass of red wine.  It was delicious, with pesto swirled through the loaf and specks of green leaves.  I'm not sure if the pesto was made with stinging nettles or whether the nettles were mixed in separately, whatever, it was good.  

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