Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cambridge, England

I spent last weekend in the historic town of Cambridge.  My daughter is studying art for a few weeks at one of the colleges and I went to visit her on Sunday, her only day without classes!  She is having an awesome time and learning so much.  I am pretty envious.  When I was trying to find somewhere to stay in Cambridge while we were still home in California, I discovered that you can stay at the actual colleges!  So I got to stay in a tiny dorm room with an even tinier bathroom BUT I was in a college that dated from the 1400's with a view of old softly colored stone buildings and a beautiful little garden.  It was perfect.  

This was part of the view from my window with Charles Darwin perched on that bench!  I wish I could say I was staying actually in that old building but sadly my dorm room was in the new block behind it!  

I spent Sunday wandering around this beautiful city with my daughter, going into churches, museums and little shops.  We ate street food and homemade nutella ice-cream.  It was precious time together.

This is the rather lovely entrance to Christ's College where I stayed.  The college I studied at in Cheltenham also had an entrance like this although maybe not quite so grand so it brought back some memories!

Below is the college my daughter has the privilege of staying in for a few weeks.

A city view from the top of a church tower.  

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