Sunday, July 19, 2015

Curry, Sewing And A Trip Down Memory Lane

I really should be going to sleep as it is late and I have to be up at 4am tomorrow but I wanted to write first.  I am currently in the Midlands with my sister.  My husband and I lived in this area when we were first married, 27 years ago and I have to admit it was a bit of an odd feeling driving through the pretty villages and seeing signs to familiar villages and towns.  I've spent most of this weekend at a water sports lake watching my sister, her partner and one of my nephews wake board.  

I had a great time out on the boat, generally getting in everyone's way and trying not to get too wet!  I love going fast!  I refused the gentle pressure to don a wet suit and have a go.  Excuse me, I'm from California, it is not warm enough here for me to remove clothing and get wet!  It was pretty awesome watching my 15year old nephew doing tricks on his board though.  And he did them with the biggest grin you ever saw permanently fixed on his face.  

When I wasn't on the boat, I was sitting on the shore trying to keep out of the cold wind and do some sewing.  The wind made it a challenge.  I had to weigh things down to stop them blowing away.  I've been working on some Union Jack pincushions as I know I have an order for some coming up when I get home.  I also finished some Happy Hedgehog pincushion tops and am currently working on some more Clock Face pincushions.  Appropriately, when we were driving home late on Friday night after a really wonderful curry dinner in a neighboring town, we stopped the car to watch a little hedgehog scurry across the road!  

I'm holding tight to these to stop them blowing away!

Good curry is something I miss in California.  I make curry sometimes but I've never found anywhere good to eat out.  This part of the Midlands has always had a large Indian population and lots of great restaurants.  I used to teach in an inner city school in the city of Leicester and my class was made up of predominantly Hindu and Muslim students.  The mothers of these students would often bring in food for me to try and one time brought a sari in to dress me in!  Tomorrow morning it is back to my sister's house, leaving here at 4.30am....I'm going to need some tea!


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