Saturday, July 11, 2015

Three Days In Scotland - A Picture Post

I have spent the last few days in Scotland and it has been lovely.  My memories of previous trips have been mainly of grey, wet weather but this trip was mostly dry with only a few grey moments.  We even saw the sun!  I was in the Border country where the countryside is gentle and green.  It was beautiful everywhere I looked.....this, for example, was the view from my bedroom window, the evening I arrived.  

One of the perks of being on vacation is being brought a cup of tea in bed in the mornings!  In Scotland, even in the Borders, it is light till late at night, not properly dark till about 11pm and then light again by about 4am!

We had one rainy morning but it was showery and we went out anyway, to this Abbey where Walter Scott is buried.  The Abbey dates from the 1100's!  It is very quiet and evocative.  I loved exploring it.

This grumpy angel caught my eye!  I had to wonder about the person who carved it.

Later that same day the sun came out and we visited this fortified tower.  We were able to climb a rather alarming stone spiral staircase to the ramparts for an amazing view.  I was totally able to imagine a family living there, protected from the marauding English.  

The next day, the weather was forecast to be best on the coast so we drove and then did a stunning coastal hike.  It was exciting for me to see sea birds I am unfamiliar with.  We even saw a kestrel nest on the sheer cliff face, two of the chicks were still hanging out near the nest and the mother kestrel was flying around presumably looking for the next meal.   She was totally freaking out the gulls that had chicks of their own to protect.

It was a good hike and I definitely earned this delicious ice-cream.  Never had honey ice-cream?...... you should!

We sat eating our ice-cream looking out at the little harbor.  The slope with the rails is where the lifeboat launches when needed.

On my final day in Scotland, I got to visit Edinburgh.  Wow, what a beautiful city.  My sister in  law and I started at the bottom of the hill in an area of lovely, tiny shops and worked our way up to the imposing castle.  

This shop selling Scottish Hog Roast, smelled incredible!

As did this little gem, selling flavored gins, vodkas, oils and vinegars.  I regret not getting a tiny bottle of fruit infused gin(I love sloe gin!).  

Here is another awesome smelling shop!  

We ended our morning with a visit to the National Gallery of Scotland where there is an impressive collection of Scottish art.  Sadly it is housed in the basement of the gallery where the lighting is less than wonderful and it feels a bit tucked away.  I felt that the collection deserved better.  This was my absolute favorite painting and she's sewing!  


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