Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pumpkin Season

There are pumpkins beginning to appear everywhere now.  Over the last few weeks, on our way to the stables where my daughter rides, we have been watching a field of pumpkins slowly ripen.  Last week there were lots of large, mostly orange globes peeking out from the foliage. I'm guessing this week, the leaves will have died back a bit and we'll be able to see the pumpkins in all their glory, enjoying their "TaDa!" moment.  I'll take a picture.  

I've been sewing pumpkins this week, lots of them.  Last year, I sold lots of these little hanging pumpkins both at the quilt show and in my shop.  They are a nice project to work on.  I love the cheerful, warm colors and I use lots of hand dyed felt for these with different woven patterns and textures.  I get all my hand dyed wool from this etsy shop.

As well as these embroidered pumpkins, I'm doing some with little appliqued flowers and leaves and I'm liking how they are progressing.  Such happy colors, sigh!

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