Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Some Finished Pincushions and Butte Fire Update

First things first.  I finally made a decision about what to use to hang these little mini stockings with!  I usually use rustic jute for my hanging pumpkins and ribbon for my owls but neither of those felt right for the stockings.  Last year I used red ribbon but the knots kept slipping and I had to use a dab of glue on each which took ages.  This year I have used a sturdy but soft, tightly spun cotton yarn.  It doesn't unravel at the ends and drapes nicely.  

I also stuffed the four cherry blossom pincushions and four magical tree stump pincushions with the little fairy doors.  In addition to finishing up those, I also made six little tree stump pincushions.  To mix things up I used some different flowers and color combinations on some of those.

Today I began working on some hanging owls.  

Butte Fire Update
This fire has grown to almost 72,000acres and incredibly is 40%contained as of this evening.  166 homes have been lost and 116 other buildings.  The fire is spreading south and east and is about 10 miles (as the crow flies) from our cabin.  The area where our cabin is has been taken off the Evacuation Advisory list but the little mountain town, 8 miles down the mountain where we do our grocery shopping is still on that list and everything could change with the wind.  We are so grateful to the almost 5000 firefighters for doing this most dangerous of jobs.  These two photos are from a local news channel. 

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