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Meet Tia

You might think from my lack of recent posts that things have been quiet around here with nothing to write about.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  The last couple of weeks have flown past in a blur.  I've been sewing costumes for the school play, turning long trousers into knee length trousers with decorative bows, working on my daughter's ball gown (also for the play) and making decorated buckles for shoes.  I will have pictures eventually!  I've also been painting scenery which I love doing too.  Additionally I've been having physiotherapy twice a week on my forearm after doing some damage to the muscle and elbow joint while lugging my bag around England this summer.

On top of all that we have been preparing for a new addition to our family......

Meet Tia.

Tia joined our family this afternoon.  She is a two year old retired racing greyhound.  She is black and white with stunningly beautiful amber eyes.  We adopted her from the Golden State Greyhound Associatio…

Costume Updates

I had totally planned to have this bodice finished and photographed before now but on Sunday night I woke up with a raging sore throat and a fever so I haven't been doing very much of anything this week.  I am still feeling a bit wobbly but at least my throat is less sore!

The bodice is almost finished.  I decided it was too plain for a ball gown so I have plans to add more trim as you will see, all I need is the energy to pick up the needle!

I thought I might add some gold trim in a criss cross design with some extra trim up the sides of the "V" shape.  

Originally this bodice was intended to be worn with a skirt from the drama department but when my daughter tried both on, it was clear they were not going to work together.  Now I must find some fabric in a similar shade to make a long, full skirt!
Below are two pairs of trousers for the King and one of the other guys.  I was given several pairs of long trousers and asked to make them into knee length trousers or "knic…

Ball Gown Bodice For The Three Musketeers School Play

Following on from my previous post, I used the fabric pattern pieces that I had carefully adjusted so they fitted my daughter perfectly, and cut out the main fabric.  The main fabric has no nap, or patten so the only thing I had to worry about about was the grain of the fabric and that was pretty obvious!  

Once the main fabric pieces and the lining with interfacing ironed on were all stitched together I tackled the boning.  It is not hard to use boning, it just takes some time.   Plastic boning comes in a cotton sleeve in either black or white.  You cut the lengths you need according to the pattern and then remove the plastic boning from the cotton sleeve in order to stitch down the sleeve on your garment, leaving one end of the sleeve open so you can re-insert the boning.  The boning pieces on my pattern are different lengths so I marked each sleeve and corresponding plastic piece with a number in pen so that I didn't get in a muddle!

Below the lining and main fabric pieces have b…

A Costume Sewing Project

My daughter is in her school's production of The Three Musketeers this Fall and I am helping with costumes.  I have a small stack of costumes that need altering but first I have to make a bodice to go with a skirt that she has to wear for the Ball scene.  Remember this dress from last year?  I made this when my daughter had to be Queen Elizabeth1st for something at school.  

The bodice and skirt are two separate pieces so I am going to use the same pattern for the new bodice I need to make.  

It should be a bit easier this time around because I'm familiar with the pattern and will know how to use the boning!  Also I won't need to make that big lacy stand up collar!  There is a dark green and burgundy skirt from the drama department that she will wear so I needed to find some fabrics that coordinated and this is what came home with me.  The dark fabric at the bottom of the pile will be the main fabric.  On top of that is a soft cotton for the lining and on the top of that is …

Friday Musings

It's been a busy week, lots of sewing, lots of being here and there and trying to get all the things done that need be done.  
I'm up early on weekdays, and after my husband has gone to work there are a few minutes before I have to wake my daughter to begin her day.  It's a few minutes of quiet, not quite dark but not quite light time.  At the moment I am greeted by a crescent moon and Venus shining brightly.   I usually sit on the sofa in my family room, with a cup of tea, and am joined by one of my cats.  Together we check email or sit quietly and look out of the window watching the sky change.
Happy Friday....


I thought I'd share how I package orders today.  I've posted here about how I print brown paper bags but this is what I do with them!

When I'm shipping pincushions, I first wrap them in white tissue paper (you can see that in the photo above) and then put a strip of corrugated cardboard around them.  This protects the pincushion while it's on its travels.  I ship things around the world as well as all across the U.S. so they need to be carefully packaged.    

The order gets placed in one of my bags and tied with a red gingham ribbon.  After that it's into a padded mailer and on it's way!  Packing things carefully and attractively is very important to me.  It is my way of showing I value my customers and I want their whole experience to be an enjoyable one.  I include a packing slip with a handwritten note and a business card.  If it is a gift and not actually going to the purchaser, I add whatever note the purchaser wants to add, on a little hand stamped card.   

On My Worktable

I've really enjoyed the cooler temperatures this week that have allowed me to pull out a favorite sweater in the mornings.  There were some crisp, sunny days with the kind of light that almost hurts your eyes it is so clear and we even had some very dusty rain!  Up on the mountain where we have our cabin, they had the first snow of the season - bring it on!  

I've had three sewing projects going on this week in addition to the copper leaves in my last post and I've been trying to get my Etsy shop up to date with fresh listings.  I've been working on some boston terrier needle books.  Someone who bought a boston terrier pincushion at the quilt show last weekend, contacted me to see if I could make a coordinating needle book.  Well yes of course!

I've also been sewing some log cabin pincushions which turned out to be quite appropriate with the first snow of the season arriving this week!  On the side of the pincushion, I've embroidered "Let it snow" and t…